Sunday, September 25, 2005

Notes for a new novel

Notes for a new novel jotted after three quarters of a bottle of red

Emma. The girl’s name is Emma. She’s fourteen, has a fifteenth birthday early on in the novel. Perhaps it’s an old Icelandic guy who gets hit by a car. Perhaps he’s growing dope. He should be. There’s a knowledge he has, some kind of esoteric – he knows how to navigate. Maybe he knows how to build a Theremin, maybe he has one. I will have to read the sagas. He has to accumulate. The Theremin, the dope, the chickens, lambs. Does she meet him buying dope for her fifteenth birthday? Maybe use the international code. He eats seaweed, chanterelles, perhaps grows St. John’s Wart. Some sort of disaster ensues. Meantime, he lights his hut with candles but he has a windmill, which he builds, stores energy in a car battery. His ex-wife lives in an old suburban home near Rennies River on a lot with mature trees. Bouts of wildness. Extreme wildness in liberal bouts. What’s her name has to chop off a chicken’s head and the eye closes on the stump. Revelation and epiphany.


Blogger Zakir Talukder said...

Hope it will be an interesting novel.
Zakir Talukder
Short story writer in Bengali.
Dhaka. Bangladesh.

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