Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Eva says

Eva says, Mom, come see our mockumentary. Eva, my fifteen-year-old daughter.

It’s about pogoing.

Her friend Leah in the foreground, chiffon scarf floating over her shoulder, sunglasses.

Leah: I think Eva has just given one hundred and ten percent to the pogo. I know she’s been a big influence on me and lots of young women like me. My grandmother stood behind me too. Grandma said, Leah, follow your dreams. I think, with the help of people like Eva, and my grandmother, pogoing will finally be recognized as the Olympic sport it truly is.

There’s Eva in the background on a pink pogo stick hammering the pavement – the wheeze of the springs, her multi-coloured striped socks, plaid pleated skirt and tiara. She is intent and focused. She bounces out of the frame and bounces back. She is bouncing still.

I am proud of my children. My five-year-old, Theo, wants to do for the yoyo what Eva has done for the pogo.


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